EHR Systems

In order to have a 360 degree view on the patient, have ability to use modern business analytics tools, use preventive medicine and build B2B business procedures with all involved parties, you need to have a centralized Electronical Healthcare Records system. It will allow patient to visit different medical institutions from your healthcare network without need to sign up every time. Physicians will have an access to the same information about the patient even if he previously was treated in another hospital.

Electronical Healthcare Records allows to provide cost breakdown on all business processes. It helps financial department to better understand profitability and make sure that pricing is within the planned margin and all business processes are efficient. EHR systems are best friend of COO and CFO of the healthcare provider.

Implementation of Electronical Healthcare Records is a complex and important project. It requires an active involvement of all departments. Having a good methodology and experience in such project reduce the risk and helps to make this project faster and whithin the budget. UNIS Labs Solutions have a big team of professionals which includes a number of international healthcare analytics. We have implemented EHR systems for several privately owned healthcare networks in Russia.

We use 1C Healthcare framework and own configuration and methodology in our projects to build top of the art EHR systems for our customers. We make an integration and customer management with IBM MDM solutions and IBM Integration Bus.


Telemedicine is a key factor and trendy direction in a preventive healthcare. New IT capabilities in Internet of Things world provide the opportunity to receive information from million of sensors to have understanding of the patient conditions and leverage corrective actions in advance of typical disease sympthoms.



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